Hello World    We are Russ & Cathy Marooney, Also known as "The Wandering Okies", and we live in Del City Oklahoma. That is on the outskirts of OKC. In June of  2016 we will  celebrate 20 years of marriage. During that time we have had our slow periods, just like everyone else, but the bulk has been an adventure ,neither of us would trade for anything. So far we have been blessed with good health, and it is gift that must be used to be appricated .  We may own a rocking chair , there is little chance that it will ever  be worn out .
   There is a old motorcyclist saying " To many roads , not enough time". We take this to be true, and have tried to see as much of the world as possible. Along the way we have met some wonderful people.   The purpose of this little site is not  to brag, or gloat, but rather  to  share with our family and friends, some of the great experiences  we have had.